Best Way To Create Your YouTube Channel Step By Step In 2021

Create Your YouTube Channel
Create Your YouTube Channel

today I came up With this article, I will explain to you how to create Your YouTube Channel.

Create Your YouTube Channel in a few easy steps

You can Create Your YouTube Channel in a few easy steps without any investment. You don’t have to pay anyone for it. You can make it yourself. All you need to do is have a Gmail ID. Every year there is a change in YouTube and with it there is a lot of change in how to create a channel. Now in 2021, creating a channel on YouTube is as easy as drinking water and anyone can make it easily with a little technical knowledge.

YouTube as a video platform

You know India is a country with a very large population and more than 300 million people use YouTube every month. YouTube is the second-largest market in India. Whenever people want to watch videos and learn something in India, 95% of people prefer YouTube as a video platform.

Don’t have to spend a money to create

It takes three important things to create a YouTube channel and run it. The first is the internet connection which is now available in almost all parts of India. Number two, you must have a laptop or a mobile device. The Three number I mentioned earlier is that you don’t have to spend a money to create a Gmail ID , it’s also free.

Open Chrome browser on mobile For Create Your YouTube Channel

If you do it from mobile then open Chrome browser on mobile and open Chrome browser in desktop mode by clicking on the top three. Then you search by typing youtube, open youtube and login to the site from your gmail id you want to create the channel in many cases it is automatically logged in the gmail id.

Now click on that Gmail and you will see at the top Create Channel an option is coming up. You click on that option and then an option called Get Start is coming up. Click on this option. If you want, you can continue with the name that YouTube is giving you by clicking down by default. This is how your channel is created. You can set your channel’s logo by clicking on the Upload Picture option and then clicking on the Continue option or the Save option. Your channel is successfully created with a logo.

Video will be successfully uploaded

Then fully customize your channel with all your links on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter then select the video you want to upload by clicking on Add New and click on upload option then your video will be uploaded first then Processing will start. The video will be successfully uploaded shortly after the start of processing. You can post the video by clicking on the public option if you want, You can comment by clicking.

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