Best Way To Create A Blogger Blog Website Step By Step In 2021

blogger blog website
blogger blog website

Now Blogger Blog Website Easy To Make With This Steps

Today we will explain through this article what blogging is and how it works! Blogger Blog Website Blogger and YouTube are two very familiar things to all these people. When we want to know or learn something, we search by typing something and a lot of information comes in front of us.

Without The Need For A Specific Language

If you want to build your website on Blogger you don’t have to pay anyone in any way it is possible to create it completely free With Blogger, you can create your website in any language without the need for a specific language. Blogger Blog Website supports all languages.

You Will Not Go To Any Rong Website

In order to create a website on Blogger, first you have to go to Chrome browser, search in Chrome browser,, first click on the result that will come up, you must see that the web address is, then you will not go to any website. You can go to the right website!

Gmail ID From Which You Want To Create

The first thing we said is that Blogger Blog Website is completely free, so you don’t have to pay any registration fee. Click here to create your blog. Here you will be asked to select your Gmail ID. The Gmail ID from which you want to create your Blogger Blog Website is the Gmail. Select After selecting Gmail ID, you will be asked for your Gmail password. You can continue with your password. Now click on the Next button.

The Name You Have Given Is Available

After this process is complete, a button will appear in front of you, Create New Blog. A popup window will open in front of you and it will contain a lot of information. First of all, enter the name of your Blogger Blog Website in the title field and below it, where there is an address, type your name again next to the address and enter with dot. If the name you have given is available, an option called Eligible will appear next to it and you will understand that this name is yours.

Always Be Selected Carefully

You can use it. Then you can select many of the themes below. If you like, you can select the theme. The theme should always be selected carefully because it depends on how your website should look. Your Blogger Blog Website has been selected for so long. And continue…

Everyone And Make It Available To Everyone

Now that your website is fully created, a dashboard will open in front of you. It will have many options such as post page layout themes extra. You can rewrite the topic you want to write by clicking on the post option here. If you want to see what the article looks like, you can see it by clicking on the preview option. Now if your article is correct, if you want to show it to everyone and make it available to everyone, you can click on the publicist button. You must put a picture in your post. This makes the post look more beautiful and people love to read your writing more and more.

You Can Publish Your Page

This way you can go to your stomach option and write a lot of information about you and your website. You can create a page and put a picture in the page if you want. You can customize the URL of the page if you want and then preview it to see what the page looks like. If something goes well, you can publish your page for everyone by clicking on the publish option.

Create A Successful Blog Website And Publish

Now if any person or personality has come to your website and has read your post and he likes it, if he wants to comment, he can comment, he can click on the comment option, he can write whatever he wants to comment in the comment box and he can do it successfully. Will be submitted, if you want to see that comedy you have to come to your dashboard and click on comment option and click on view comment then you can see all the comments in your post.

Last Step Is Ready To Go

This way you can create a successful Blogger Blog Website and publish it for all people. Thank you

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